A complete integral solution specialized in wellness to supply hotels & spas.

Brands We Represent

The best wellness brands, consultant and provider for the spa industry, health, beauty and wellness.

Our clients are global and include hotel spas, destination spas, wellness centers, day spas, medi spa, salons, yachts, independent therapists and residences.

Social Resposability

Our brand sponsors ONG`s cancer fighting initiatives such as Wellness for cancer and LAZZ a Mexican non-profit organitation by training spas and improving the quality of life for cancer patients and their families.

Our goal is to create a positive impact in the community, working directly with mexican artisans, respecting their methods and traditions to take their products to the world.

We work with brands who are commited with sustaintability, respect to the animals, health, and care of the planet.


Creating experiences in a total wellness environment without leaving any details out, is what distinguishes us when we offer our consulting services. With innovation and creativity we will give your project a unique personality that translates into memorable experiences for the client and a profitable and successful business for you.

Only with proper planning before and during the development of the design of a spa the business success will be achieved.

Based on this, All4Spas has created the Integral Consulting area. This offers different services for the creation, development and implementation of your Spa. With commitment and making your project our project we will be working on the analysis and proposal of the optimization of spaces, equipment, supplies, operation guidelines, menus and products, protocols, and training. We work in partnership with the best national and international spa consulting firms.

Integral Consulting is formed by different phases of services, which can be developed and adapted to your project and specific needs. One or several phases can be offered, and it will be adapted to the specific needs of each project.

Dream big so it's worth dreaming.

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