A complete integral solution specialized in wellness to supply hotels & spas.

Early inspiration

The desire for natural skin care products emerged in the late 1970s, when consumers began to question the safety of chemicals used in personal care offerings.  Out of this movement, a host of natural product small businesses sprung up.  San Diego native, Jean Shea, BIOTONE founder and president, was among one of these early entrepreneurs. Initially, Jean created a line of natural skincare products for the health food market. When a local massage therapist asked her to create oils for his school, Jean saw the opportunity to develop products for the massage industry.

Committed to Quality

BIOTONE’s commitment is to develop products that are innovative and quality driven. They have achieved their industry-leading position by providing a wide range of products, in order to meet the various needs of massage therapists, estheticians and their clients.  The same care and quality that went into Jean’s first oil for the massage market goes into each hand-formulated product batch.

Giving Back

It is not only through innovative products that BIOTONE has helped advance the market for massage therapy. Jean is passionate about the potential of massage as part of mainstream health care and treatment. Over the years, BIOTONE has provided thousands of dollars for research, as well as community projects to provide underserved areas with touch therapies and school scholarships. Jean has been recognized by the industry for her significant contributions. In 1996 the Massage Therapy Foundation honoured her as a Sustaining Benefactor.

Our impact

These days BIOTONE products are sold in the four corners of the globe. That’s because the values that Jean set early on to provide products with the highest quality, reliability and innovation continue to drive the company.

It was snowing and dark outside as the temperature dropped well below zero, I emerged from the Metro, pulled my hat over my ears and headed to the Banya. It was 1996 and I had just moved to Moscow, Russia, to begin my professional career in the new post-Soviet democracy. Winter had descended upon the city without warning, leaving my skin dry, red and irritated. I needed some relief.

For centuries, the Russians have brought their tired and worn out bodies to the traditional bathhouse, the Banya, to be rejuvenated and healed. The meditative ritual of sweating in fiery saunas (amid birch- leaf-flogging babushkas) and plunging into freezing pools is complemented with traditional homeopathic therapies.

Coffee beans are used to gently exfoliate pore-clogging dead skin cells, while their natural essential oils soothe and moisturize. I left the Banya feeling refreshed, invigorated and positively alive. For me, the experience of applying coffee beans on my body was something special and I wanted to share it with others.

With our team of skin care we have combined the therapeutic benefits of coffee beans with other healing ingredients such as olive and hemp seed oils, shea butter, sea salt and herbal extracts to create products you can use every day to diminish the effects of oxidation, sunlight and pollution. The result is a collection of products that revitalize tired, dull skin to reveal the soft, new self within.

In ALL4SPAS we work hand by hand with the best companies to create a whole experience on your wet and dry areas. From the most high-end experience pool, relaxation areas, saunas and steam, to authentic hammams and Temazcal.

We design and make your project a unique one.



When you choose Greenspeed, you are opting for smart cleaning solutions that are designed to handle the challenges of professional environments. Smart because our products are efficient, innovative and sustainable. Greenspeed enables you to remove even the most stubborn stains and dirt in a user-friendly way, leaving you with clean, hygienic surfaces. Greenspeed also minimises your use of harmful substances.



Products designed by Greenspeed are ergonomic, do not contain any unnecessary harmful substances and are a pleasure to clean with. Our goal is to leave a lasting impression on you every single day.


Working with Greenspeed means cleaning in a sustainable manner using minimal amounts of water in combination with ecological, plant-based cleaning agents.

Established in Japan since 1964, TAIJI products were developed to incorporate the most meticulous demands of the beauty and health care industries. Their quality on hot towel cabinets and cold towel cabinets is recognized around the world because of their warranties and high performance equipment. They are exported to more than 55 countries in the five continents. “When It Comes to Giving People Kindness and Warm Comfort, Use Taiji.”

The Circadia name derives from the Latin word circadiano, which means “around the day”, referring to a 24 hour cycle that describes rhythmic changes in our physiology and our behavior. When these biological rhythms are disrupted or become disordered, it can have adverse effects on our health, appearance and well-being.

Circadian rhythms, developed over millions of years, are controlled by the daily light-dark cycles given by the earth´s rotation. What we know as biological “clock” is located in several parts of the brain, which establishes these circadian rhythms in mammals. It has been determined that these clocks consist of an array of genes which regulate physiological processes throughout the body. We know that the central circadian clock is located in the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the hypothalamus in the brain. Its main function is to synchronize these “clocks” contained in each cell of the peripheral tissues, for example, our skin.

It is important to understand that the daily rhythms are not just a response to changes in the light and dark produced by the earth’s rotation, but also the response to the timekeeping system within the body. And such system allows the organism to adjust and anticipate metabolic changes associated with day and night.

Why is this so important?

If the urge to sleep would come during broad daylight, many animals would be vulnerable to predators. Anyone who has ever traveled extensively is familiar with the phenomena called jet lag, which is a profound disruption of the biological clock. The extreme importance of these metabolic processes has led to the development of a new science associated with the effects of time on the body: chronobiology. At Circadia they focus on the effects of chronobiology and circadian rhythms in the skin.

A line of products dedicated to the creation, sale and distribution of candles, lotions and essential oils for different purposes.

Its elaboration process is 100% by hand. They recovered old recipes and mixtures that allowed to obtain products that generate personal wellness based on macerations and infusions of plants, flowers and roots. The objective is to help restore the harmony in people, in the most natural way. Great variety of oils, lotions and candles that generate a harmonious atmosphere.


In All4spas we want to offer the best quality and variety of brands and supply for your spa or salon, from cotton ball to the highest technology. We recommend to downlow our catalog where you will find all what you need, made local and abroad.

What we present in our catalog is almost 15 years of experience in the best options, customized and manufacture with the warranties on site. See everything we can do for you!

Collins Manufacturing Company is one of the leading manufacturers of salon equipment in the industry. All Collins equipment is primarily made in the USA. They are proud to create long-lasting styles and to develop innovative solutions for the best projects of beauty salons, worldwide.

With more than 36 years of experience, the company has more than 300 models in furniture, with multiple options of upholstery and finishes, ranging from the most sophisticated barbershop chair to a shampoo station and custom styling according to the interior design´s plan. Their warehouses have more than 137,400 square feet. The guarantee of the brand has supported the All4Spas projects during the last 14 years, with more than 400 projects in Mexico.


The message of Continuum is simple. Within an industry unable to offer new alternatives, they can guarantee that Continuum will be totally innovative. Always committed to superior design, quality and customer service. We know you will be exceptionally satisfied with the Continuum experience; over the years, they have successfully designed, patented and manufactured thousands of pedicure spas, ensuring constant improvement and innovation. They present ideas and designs that are still being emulated today.


All the attention to detail means more than just looking good, nothing goes unnoticed. It is about creating a better pedicure experience for the client and the technician. Their pedicure spas come with more particular features, adding value and exclusivity. All designers work in the creation of pedicure chairs that are of a superior class, which means that they have more high-quality amenities in a much more accessible package. The enriched features, such as the genuine cherry tree wood, make a clear distinction between Continuum and all the rest.


All Continuum spas are exhaustively tested, to make sure that they are in optimal conditions, before they arrive to you. This business was built in the same way that many of their clients have built theirs, from scratch. The warehouse in Berlin, WI, is where the team creates all Continuum pedicure spas by hand. They have suppliers from the United States for many of the major components, they are also build, design and perfected there. Their commitment to long-term quality in all of their spas has impressed many salon owners and is producing significant results. To not have problems with your equipment means that you can focus on growing your business with highly satisfied customers.


We understand that buying a pedicure spa is a great decision; and they want you to know that you have made the right decision. That's why they offer the Continuous Guarantee. Enjoy a worry-free purchase knowing that your spa is backed by the industry's best "no hassle" warranty. Receive help every moment you need it, call at any time, before, during and after the sale, the Continuum customer service department is ready to help.


The National Association of Ecological Salons and Spas certified Continuum for their dedication to the development of sustainable products. They are actually the only pedicure spa company that have received this certification due to the use of natural and recycled components, which reduces the use of plastic more than other leading brands. Pedicure spas work with fewer resources, which guarantees a better pedicure spa for you and the environment.

Earthlite is the World's number 1 Brand when it comes to massages! We have been distributing them in Mexico and Latin America for 12 years.

We are pleased to say that Earthlite uses no rainforest hardwoods. They use Canadian hard maple for their table legs and braces, which are farmed and renewable wood sources. In addition, you will see a respect for nature in the water-based lacquer, environmentally friendly foam, and vinyl used on their products.

Naturally, recycling is integrated into their manufacturing operations. They carefully purchase and cut wood to minimize waste, and wherever possible, they create new products from excess materials. They have implemented a recycling program for aluminum, glass, and paper products within their factory.

Their products do not end up in landfills - they are built to last a lifetime. Earthlite has perfected the production of long-lasting massage tables, for three decades now. The use of the highest quality materials as well as their avant-garde and innovative designs makes them stand out from their competitors.

They want you to feel 100% satisfied.


Incorporating useful new technologies into time tested table designs is Earthlite’s cornerstone. Recent examples include the proprietary 10 layer laminate hoop design, which yields beautiful round corners on the new Spirit and Infinity tables, weight reducing Tri-tech load dispersion technology on our lightweight models, and the Luna's proprietary Shimmy-Lok leg brace. All of these (and many other) patent pending innovations can only be found on Earthlite tables.


Earthlite tables use only the best Maple hardwood and Russian birch plywood for solid, long lasting construction. Earthlite uses no rainforest hardwoods or wood from old growth forests. They depend solely upon farmed and renewable wood sources.


We have not found yet a better vinyl than our Earth-friendly, 100% PU Natursoft and Nature's Touch vinyl. And, they don't compromise on high density, flame retardant, CFC-free cushioning either. The Pro-Plus and Pro-Lite multi-layer, multi-density cushioning systems are supple to the touch, yet firmer on the lower layers to eliminate "bottoming out".


Through years of experience, their craftsmen have learned how to make strong, durable tables that are squeak-proof. Quality carpentry, solid corner blocks, precise adjustment legs and fixed plate ensure a firm and stable work surface, which guarantees years of use.

Gamma & Bross is leader in the design and manufacturing of furniture and equipment for beauty salons and spas. Their products are designed by the most talented international designers including Marcel Wanders, Karim Rashid, F.A. Porsche, and Gamma Design Lab, our internal team of designers. They work with the best Italian suppliers to engineer the most innovative solutions for their clients. Gamma & Bross salon equipment products are manufactured in Italy and sold in over 40 countries worldwide, through a network of selected dealers as well as their flagship showrooms in New York, Paris and Cologne. Their salon furniture collections are divided into 4 brands: MGBross that gathers their top designer lines and is addressed to high-end beauty salons. Gamma State-of-the-Art includes all our in-house designed furniture for medium/high-end clients. GammaStore is focused on affordable salon furnishings for a broader clientele. Spa Logic provides design furniture and equipment for Spas.

Since its founding in 1973, Living Earth Crafts has been the leader in spa treatment tables, and equipment innovation, they are part of world class salons and SPAs. All4Spas has been its distributor for years.

LECs design and engineering team brought the industry the first spa treatment table, the first hydraulic lift table, the patented Cloud 9 multi-purpose table, the breakthrough Caress adaptable facecradle, Quietech sound dampening technology, SO Sound Resonance Therapy and the Nuage's ultra-smooth Electra-glide Actuators.


Every potential client visiting a spa wants to have an exceptional experience. The characteristics of world class spa centers cater to every aspect, from providing extraordinary comfort and complete pampering to offering total service packages.

When purchasing spa equipment, there are several factors to consider:

• The equipment should have undeniable quality and should be made with the finest materials. By just looking at the product, you’ll be able to see whether it is handcrafted and whether it portrays elegance and gives the spa a touch of class. The moment your clients see the salon and spa equipment from LEC, they will know that they are in a special place.

• Equipment should have innovative design. If you want your spa center to stand out from the rest, it should contain innovative equipment. LEC has a wide spectrum of salon and spa equipment with a unique look.

• Equipment should give luxurious comfort. When your clients lie on a quality massage table or sit on a superior pedicure chair, they want to feel relaxed and comfortable. When purchasing loungers and treatment tables, they should be made from thick memory foam with soft vinyl, which will provide your clients with the luxurious experience that they deserve from a spa center.

These are just some of the reasons why LEC products are part of world class salons and spas. The product lines carried by LEC embodies quality, innovative design and luxurious comfort.

Oakworks has been providing customers with innovative medical equipment, excellent service, and cost effective solutions for over 40 years.

Oakworks Medical has collaborated with leaders in the medical specialties, in order to create cutting edge table designs and patient positioning devices that balance the needs of both patients and practitioners. They are committed to identify the needs of their customers and to provide solutions that are cost effective.

Oakworks, Inc. is ISO-13485 certified. The ISO standard is intended to ensure that medical device manufacturers have the required quality management systems in place to safely design, manufacture and distribute medical devices. This registration certifies that Oakworks' quality system conforms to these requirements in their state-of-the-art 90,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania. Since its inception, Oakworks has been committed to health and safety. Ergonomics for practitioners are paramount in their design process and in their facility. They strive to secure the health of our planet and have partnered with Trees for the Future as Global Cooling Partners, committed to having a zero carbon foot print through the planting of trees. To date, they have planted over ONE MILLION trees.


The company was founded in 1983, with the objective of developing, manufacturing and marketing a completely new product: an easy-to-use swimsuit dryer, with the highest quality. The dedication with which they are made has led them to produce more than 25,000 dryers, which are sold in 75 countries. Currently you can find them in sports clubs, wellness centers, hotels, resorts, health spas and vacation centers. They are the perfect complement to finalize you aquatic activities, within the locker rooms.

During 30 years, TouchAmerica have been leading manufacturers of high-quality spa, resorts and salon furniture, around the globe. From stationary and portable massage tables, hydrotherapy and pedicure equipment, spa accessories, to their latest innovations: a full line of salt rooms and halotherapy products.

As an essential part of their identity as a company, they have developed a deep commitment with sustainability and social responsibility. Repeatedly passing audits for Environmental and Social Compliance by the SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing, and Certification Company.

TouchAmerica operates under a simple statement: “Quality and elegance are never an accident. They are the result of sincere effort, intelligent direction, and execution with purpose.” They believe that high-quality products reflect their professional vision, and that also help to add a touch of class and elegance to their customers’ workplaces.

AgaveSpa is a Mexican luxury cosmetic brand, focused on restoring the natural beauty of your skin, thanks to ancestral Mexican knowledge and to the latest advances in international biotechnology.

Our products are in harmony with the environment, they are not ecotoxic, they are free of parabens and paraffins, contain no dyes, synthetic fragrances or gluten, and are not tested on animals, they contain only vegetable oils. In this sense, we integrate the sustainability in each one of its components and in the brand´s heart.

AgaveSpa ensures that its ingredients does not have carcinogenic effects in the body according to EWG principles. Our Brand sponsors ONG´s cancer fighting initiatives, such as Wellness for Cancer and LAZZ, a Mexican Non-Profit Organization. That’s why we have eliminated the harmful ingredients that affect the different cycles in our body.

AGAVESPA seeks to protect the reproductive system, as well as the development of the baby, eliminate allergies and protect the immune and neurological system in addition to avoid toxicity and bio accumulation.

Almost 41 years ago, when the Biologique Recherche laboratory was created, Yvan and Josette Allouche, biologist and physiotherapist, combined their experience and passion for the unique and visionary course in the cosmetic care market. Nowadays, the combination of a clinical approach for personalized cosmetic treatment, pure products, concentrated, almost raw, complex formulas and original and rigorous treatments are the basis of the reputation of the Biology Recherche Methodology.

In an increasingly virtual world where we live more time in an urban and stressful environment, the search for wellness and beauty is emerging as a new need. The Biologique Recherche Personalized Treatments are now available in more than 70 countries. The Biological Treatment Center Recherche, Ambassade de la Beauté, is located on Avenue 32 des Champs-Elysées, Paris, for 23 years.


• High concentration (more than 20% in most products) of botanical, marine and biological extracts.

• Absence of perfumes to preserve the integrity of formulas and avoid sensitization processes.

• Conservation of the original structures of the active ingredients thanks to cold processing in most cases.

• Contains high quality composition and the active ingredients justify the value of the brand.

• Formulated to work together by using unique and original movements that shape the face in order to obtain immediate, exceptional and almost magical results.

Madly in love with Japan, the Japanese and the "most beautiful of all of them", I wanted to pay tribute to their beauty, create the most essential cosmetic line: EviDenS de Beauté.

By observing their gestures, discovering their secrets, I was impressed by their rituals, deepening little by little in what we know as the feminine desires still unsatisfied in terms of beauty.

The philosophy of this creation resembles Haute Couture: a technical and artistic perfection. I come from this universe, since for a long time I directed the Scherrer House; I was trained in this French school of the pursuit of beauty and perfection. The inspiration came from my wife's beauty and from the Japanese cosmetic knowledge I demanded the best. From French refinement I borrowed the sense of elegance and seduction.

The EviDenS line of Beauté represents the perfect fusion between Asia and the West, a concept voluntarily refined, opposed to the ephemeral dictates of trends.

I wanted to concentrate on the essentials: the secret of the precious ingredients, the richness of the textures, the sensual effluvia, the beauty of the object, the pleasure of catching it, above all, the "evidence" of the results. Unique with triple collagen that is revolutionizing the industry with the evidence of the anti-age results.

A family heritage and knowledge of almost 300 years old.

Located in the heart of the Jardins de France, MAISON CAULIÈRES is the signature of the art of living and well-being. The heirs continue with the tradition cultivating the same plants. By doing so, they reproduce the ancestral knowledge that has passed from generation to generation, based on the fruits, plants and seeds that Mother Nature gives us. This is a method of culture reasoning and self-sufficiency that uses available resources with respect for nature, taking care of each of the stages, in order to obtain unique results.

The brand was born thanks to Eric Desforges de Caulières, who daily manipulated his own oils, and so discovered virtues that he did not suspect. The more his hands marked for the work with the earth manipulated the oils, the softer they became.

Today, MAISON CAULIÈRES has created the richest and most sensorial skin care lines, especially designed for the wellbeing of the body and mind. Natural formulas that combine wealth and pleasure, inspired by the sensations of nature for 4 rituals, sensations with incredible textures and properties with benefits for the skin.

Pure Fiji

It has been more than a millennium since the South Pacific Islanders sailed in open canoes across the Pacific, guided by the stars, the wind, the waves and the warm ocean currents to move from one island to another.

Before the Pacific civilization, these liquid currents were also a sea route for a flotilla of drift nuts and flowering plants that traveled through the southern seas until they reached the beaches. Famous for their beauty, the Pacific Islanders discovered from the beginning the power of these exotic nuts that were used to cleanse, soften and protect their skin and hair.

Pure Fiji offers you the best of these ancient traditions combined with advanced technology for natural body care today. They are proud to offer you a complete line of natural beauty therapies that contain extracts from Fiji's exclusive plants, hand-selected to guarantee maximum quality.

The intact tropical flora and the warm Pacific Ocean offer exotic driftwood oils and potent plant assets. Sugar cane, pineapple, papaya, passion fruit and green coconut are harvested and processed in a matter of hours to preserve their new source of natural nutrients.

The blend of cold-pressed coconut, macadamia and sikeci nuts, revered for its medicinal and embellishing properties, contribute to pure, unadulterated nutrition and hydration. Deep-water plants provide protection against the sun's inevitable effects on aging and the unique Ngi grass, which lives within reach of the ocean's foam, contributes to the formula for dramatically improved hydration. Land and sea providing everything you need for good health with a pure and natural body care.

This is the way of the Pacific, the way in which body care should be, natural. We involve as many communities as possible in the elaboration of our products, and without this network of human interaction, we could not survive or grow. Passion for the product has led to new and exciting opportunities for all the people involved in the process. And, as a result of this passion and team effort, our product now reaches the whole world as an ambassador of the beauty of our house and our culture in the island.


The floating therapy is a very effective practice that consists on floating in a state of the art shell with 10” of water and 1000 pounds of epsom salts. Floating without effort eliminates completely the attraction of gravity in your body. The water is heated to match the temperature of the upper layer of the skin.


Deep relaxation

Life as we live it today makes us be in a state of constant tension and stress, which in the other hand, let us appreciate a moment of relaxation. The tranquility of zero gravity floating in the well pod offers a unique opportunity to eliminate external stimuli and allows our mind and body to reach a state of peace and deep relaxation.

Pain relief

Gravity causes hundreds of kilos of pressure per square centimeter to be exerted upon our bodies, this leads us into tension, stress, pain and posture problems. The effect of flotation, experienced in the well pod, allows every part of our body to be held, helping every muscle and junction to relax completely and improving blood circulation.

By soothing the pressure of joints, bones, muscles and tissues by means of floating, chronic pain is relieved including arthritis, back pain, headaches and fibromyalgia. The flotation technique stimulates the release of endorphins, the body´s natural analgesics, potentially reducing the need to consume pain relievers.

Improves Athletic performance

Athletes use the flotation technique to improve their performance and accelerate the recovery of injuries. In this almost zero gravity tone, blood and lymph circulate more freely and efficiently to move lactic acid and heal damaged tissues. It has been proved that the lesions heal up twice as fast due to this treatment.

Amenities are life’s little luxuries—the comfort and conveniences that transform a simple retreat into an exquisite escape from reality.

Since 1996, BOCA TERRY has redefined the joy of entertainment. Whether in the pool, the spa or the suite, we cover your guests in pure serenity.

Employing 50 collective years of design innovation, we have crafted a refined, price-competitive collection of bathrobes, towels and spa products that elevate your brand, your value, and your guest’s experience.

The commitment to quality and a great dedication to the clients has fostered long standing relationships with Ritz-Carlton Hotels and Resorts, Four Seasons, Raffles Hotels, Golden Door Spas, and numerous top-tier properties around the world.

Get lost in the moment. Get lost in BOCA TERRY.

Chanklart emerged in 2016 as a brand of beach flip flops that fuses elements of Mexico's culture, traditions, colors and textures into its designs. The name of Chanklart, is the result of the union of the words "chancla" and "art", which for its founders refers to the cultural legacy of Mexico, by contemplating the traditional footwear of indigenous peoples who inhabited our territory in the prehispanic era.

Their founders have managed to establish an online sales system with home delivery throughout the national territory, as well as collaborations with Mexican design stores and boutiques in cities such as: Merida, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos and Mexico City, where users can find their original and fun designs.

Erika Díaz, Co-founder and Creative and Commercial Director of the brand, assured that the line of personalized flip flops has become a branding tool, as it reinforces their sense of belonging by becoming a useful give away, original and attractive, with a lot of meaning and background context.

Chanklart is also a brand with value, since it incorporates in each of its sandals, raw material and 100% Mexican workforce, contributing to the generation of jobs and the strengthening of our economy.


We are proud of the benefits that their products provide, all of them were specifically developed to dress the massage tables of the most beautiful spas in the world. The brand is known for its excellent customized service. Most importantly, Comphy linens live up to their name. The indescribable soft feel of the high-performance superior quality microfiber is due to the 600 thread count sheets, that makes them the leader provider in the market.


At Comphy, they not only understand the importance of sustainability, they've made it a priority in everything they do.


● Comphy linens use less energy than any alternative. They're lighter than cotton, therefore they dry faster.

● Comphy linens are recyclable.

● Comphy linens last 2-3 times longer than a standard cotton sheet.

● Comphy linens are wrinkle free.


To be green means that you dress with the color that represents life and all the good things with in our planet. The functionality, warmth and beauty of our clothing elaborated with 100% organic cotton guarantees the perfect merge with nature. Cotton and its vast international recognition is part of the manufacture of their products, which not only give their experience but natural fibers with the highest quality.

We want to create a reflexive attitude that contributes to raise awareness for a better preservation of our mother nature. Be eco!, invites us to comprehend better the interaction of living beings with their environment, so we understand who we are.

Ecobambu´s towels and robes don't release lint or contain pesticides or heavy metals; they are three times more resistant than other towels or robes in the market, the sun will not impact the color in any way so they will look brand new even after washing them several times.

Elizabeth´s Care is a company of 100% creative Mexican women, dedicated to the manufacture of various products that are mostly used in spas.

They create for three of the senses; sight, smell and touch, always aware of the importance of the quality of the products they make, dedicating time and effort to achieve that purpose.

They are ready to learn from their clients, in order to design together the element that will assist them in their welcome, relaxation and/or harmonization rituals. With joy and pleasure we welcome you to this site.

“Shoes that Love You”

Launched in 2005, Oka-B was founded on the principle that fashion and comfort should never be mutually exclusive. Can you imagine a shoe that not only feels great with every step, but looks great with every outfit?

Each pair of Oka-B shoes are made to order and assembled by hand at the factory in the USA, Buford, Georgia, which allows for unmatched quality control and attention to detail.

They offer Spa Professional and Retail footwear, all Oka-B shoes are lightweight, flexible, durable, and environmentally friendly. Each pair contains up to 25% Recycled content. They are ergonomically engineered with enhanced massage beads to be slip-resistant, non-marking and provide stability on both wet and dry terrain making them perfect for use in any spa setting. The non-absorbent Microplast® material has anti-microbial properties that resist the growth of bacteria, odor, and mildew allowing them to be machine washable and easy to sanitize.

Awarded American Spa Magazine’s favorite spa sandal for 6 consecutive years, we are dedicated to producing the most functional and comfortable spa sandal in the industry.

Established in 2000, Soulage’ Therapy Solutions is recognized for products for therapy and massage, with the highest quality and durability in the market. They use the best natural fabrics and ingredients. They have created two lines: the professional and the one for general public. For the professional line, the wet-heat application is a common therapy within the current medical practice.

In developing a uniquely designed products, Soulage’ Therapy Solutions creatively uses only the very best fabrics, and their integrity can be appreciated because of the very close attention they pay to quality and detail. Always keeping in mind the need for comfort, versatility and luxury. Each product is created for use in the spa, as well as at home and travel.

Every product, except for the eye mask, can be microwave heated or in the hot towel cabinet. All of their items can be used for massage, body therapies, facials and chiropractic purposes. The heat and the weight are designed to be really relaxing and comfortable.

Founded in 2005 under the dynamic marketing company Inspired Sciences, LLC, Spa Revolutions stands at the forefront of innovation in naturally self-heating skin care, beauty, and wellness products, for distributors and spa professionals worldwide.

Spa Revolutions PerfectSense Professional and Lava Shell are the self-heating tools for hands, feet, body, and massage care that use long lasting electricity-free heat, to offer unparalleled convenience and quality of treatment. Patented delivery systems optimize skin care and massage treatments, in order to facilitate its use, and obtain effective results.

The flagship line of Spa Revolutions is Perfectsense Paraffin, the only safe and sanitary single-use paraffin treatment found in premium spas and exclusive salons. In addition to PerfectSense Paraffin, Spa Revolutions product portfolio includes massage tools that utilize their patented, natural, self-heating technology. This formula combines a natural blend of materials to create heat that is designed to last as long as you need it, for any spa treatment.

Spa Revolutions continues to research and develop products that raise the bar for quality, convenience, and safety in the spa industry.

With more than 40 years of experience, Zendals offers some of the finest spa sandals, robes & linens. Your guests will appreciate the additional luxury provided by this time-tested product line. Known for its constant innovation in design, texture & simplicity, the Zendals brand has become a spa industry staple, and many Zendals products can be custom private labeled with a property logo.

This are products manufactured in Los Angeles, California. Inspired by the beauty of their hometown, they are not animal tested, they are vegan and very friendly to use. Its free of the 7 harmful toxins commonly found in nail polish (7 Free). Their incredible and innovative formulas are pigmented with only the best ingredients for a long lasting color and very easy to use.

Free of the 7 harmful toxins commonly found in polishing:

• Formaldehyde - Cancer

• DBP (Dibutyl Pthalate) - Reproductive complications and cancer

• Touleno - Reproductive complications and cancer

• Camphor - Reproductive complications

• Formaldehyde resin - Cancer

• TPHP (phosphates) - Endocrine disruptors / hormone

• Xylene - Headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting / Nervous system

Our products offer the lasting shine that a high-end salon gel manicure provides, without any dangerous exposure to ultraviolet light. It is removed with a mild, non-acetone nail polish remover, so there is no need to dry the fingertips either. The formula is ecological and free of aggressive chemicals.

Long lasting enamel, full of brightness and color, no base or lamp needed, easy to apply and remove, it looks like a gel effect in just 2 steps.

Nailbar & Co does not require base, is hypo allergenic, has high pigmentation and is free of toxic and carcinogenic agents.

The products are 5 free, it does not contain:



3.Dibutyl phthalate (DBP)

4.Formaldehyde resins

5.Camphor resins

Along with the newest technology aimed to taking care of your health.

Your Partner for Personal Care Amenities & Solutions

ReadyCare is a leading provider of personal care amenities, supplies & private label solutions to world-class hotels, spas, health clubs & golf clubs. For over 25 years, Denver-based ReadyCare has helped thousands of properties deliver great experiences by ensuring their personal care offering aligns with their brand & their customers.


• With 14 brands & over 3,000 products, ReadyCare has the product choice to be your single-source provider for hotel, spa & locker room essentials

• We’re experts at custom private label solutions and have 4 certified Master Printers on staff, a team of innovative designers & over $2 million invested in custom silk-screen technology

• Our Dedication-2-Quality Program helps us deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction and many of our customers have worked with us for decades

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Bendiciones (Blessings) is an expression with which we invoke a good desire and protection of our superior being, towards a person, place or things. Infinitas (Infinite) is the term that means that something has no end.

Bendiciones infinitas It´s our greater desire of good and protection for others in infinite ways. Therefore, their purpose is to give a good wish to that special person, through each of our accessories, which represent love, abundance, fortune, magic, protection, prosperity, life, beauty, hope, wisdom, happiness, success, gratitude and all the positive things of life.

The most excellent world of Tea and Tisanes, where you will only find the most natural products and extraordinary combinations that will delight your palate with every drink.

Euro Té is a Mexican company founded in 1996 with exceptional quality at a competitive price, it does not contain artificial colors or flavors and the raw material is imported every 3 months so the Tea is always fresh.

Organic line certified by organic farming in the European Union and USDA in the United States, with flavors and mixtures inspired by the Mexican palate.

Representing the traditions, culture and art of Mexico with images embodied in each one of its products. Pai Pai is a tribute to the every corner of the country, to its handcrafts and ancient cultures that today beautify us as a nation. Inspired by the love to Mexico, a fusion of art and beauty, a passion for the Mexican Culture.



























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